Inspiring Education

Consulting through collaboration with you

Traditionally, consultants/advisors/coaches are hired to assist individuals in looking at their organization and how to improve its processes and practices. At Inspiring Education, we believe that for an individual to integrate into a system as a change agent, the individual must maintain a strong skill set in understanding their strengths and weaknesses and how those strengths and weaknesses affect their workplace performance. As competent, ethical and result driven professionals with decades of experience in people and system management, we understand that often we harbor personal issues that prevent us from asserting our strengths in the workplace and decreasing our effectiveness in reaching business goals.

We privately collaborate with you to define your individual strengths and weaknesses, no matter what size system you may work in. We collaborate with individuals who have the desire to increase interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness to achieve personal and professional goals while integrating into and/or changing workplace culture and meeting productivity goals for your organization. Contact us to learn more about our consultation services.

Training to empower personal and professional growth

Trained mental health professionals at Inspiring Change demonstrate learning from a wide range of degrees in their respective fields, with decades of experience working with individuals and families, and many maintain licensure in the state of Pennsylvania. We are available to share this learning with you, presenting in-person learning opportunities to help you and your team grow professionally and personally. We offer a wide range of trainings designed to inspire growth in your business and your employees, for behavioral health service providers and/or employees operating in diverse environments.

Help your team to learn about themselves and the people that they serve or how to increase efficiency in developing your unique product by providing educational opportunities. In-person seminars provided by professionals at Inspiring Change are available for small group learning or community wide venues. Our seminars provide the most up-to-date information and interventions in the mental health field and organizational psychology.  Contact us to learn more about our training opportunities.